Are you a founder of a new physical product?

Would you rather be informed about all the things that can and generally do go wrong due to the technicalities and intricacies involved in slightly more complex physical products?

Would you be keen to learn about how to make solid, logical and rational decisions while navigating these perilous waters, rather than the guesswork that most founders endure?

  Should you meet our pre-defined criteria, we are confident that our framework of professional-led prevention will save you tens of thousands of pounds during the concept-commercialisation process.

TheSigmaSuite ®

Based on experience, we know our framework saves the average start-up tens of thousands of pounds, IF you meet the following conditions:

  • Your product takes a physical form

  • Your product encapsulates some form of end-user functionality (therefore disqualifying products like candles and/or food production)

  • Your product AND business are both NEW

  • Your internal skillset is limited (as in most startups)

  • You are the designer OR are outsourcing the design to a product designer

  • Your product mix is of high (customer) demand and low (product) variation

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