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About Us

Inspired by Lean Six Sigma, everything that we do is aimed at reducing costs and adding value (it’s worth noting that this is the opposite of most cost cutting exercises, whereby value goes down with costs!).

Generally, SMEs won’t have much involvement with Lean Six Sigma. It’s named as such, because a rating of 6σ equates to 99.997% success (that’s 3.4 defects per million opportunities). Most successful companies will operate around 3-4σ meaning a small company turning over 1 million wastes 200-400K on “Cost of Poor Quality” – probably unbeknownst to them!

We estimate that UK SMEs (small-medium enterprises) waste a minimum of £55 billion on ineffectiveness alone – we’ve not been able to stamp a number on inefficiency yet! Our aim is to begin putting a dent in this massive amount of monetary waste. We initially want to do this with high volume low mix engineering and manufacturing companies.

We’re developing something special: The Sigma Suite is designed to empower, upskill and equip the industrial workforce. We’re the anti-consultant – your workforce knows your company best. Our platform offers a range of benefits and features, including online tools, resources, databases, webinars, full customisation and implementable know-how.

Past and Current Supporters

Royal Society of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University

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